I have been writing online on this site since 2021. I write mostly about software development, psychology and any new topic I might be learning about.

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Publish your cargo docs

A key part of a project's success is its documentation and how readily available it is. As part of this post, I guide you through the process of publishing the cargo docs of your crate to netlify, as I was doing so for rune.

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Setting up the Rune project for success

The Rune project has been running successfully without CI for more than a year now. I see the next steps for the project as needing to introduce contributors to the codebase. For that, a robust CI pipeline is key to avoid any regressions on the master commits or PRs.

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Bye lazy_static, Welcome once_cell!

Contributing to the rune project (Rust Under Emacs) to change the lazy_static usage to the newly standardized once_cell crate, now std::sync::OnceLock and std::sync::LazyLock.

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Open or Raise Emacs

AppleScript to open or raise emacs running in the background as a daemon.

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Diving deep into Sequelize

In this post we will go deep into the SQL ORM world, highlighting some of the strong points for Sequelize. I find that everyone could find this post interesting, specially if you have heard of the "new" ES6 features. Sequelize is a great option for SQL database management.