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My full name is Enrique Kessler Martínez, nice to meet you! I am a Software Engineering student at University of Murcia, on my fourth year!
I was born in Murcia, Spain and I have lived in the region my entire life, benefiting from the amazing weather and the kind people. I have been in nature a lot since my childhood, being part of a Scout group and by going on hikes are runs anytime I have the chance.
I love learning, both from books and the internet. I work on open source personal projects to pick up new technologies and keep myself learning every day.
On this website, I will publish most of my findings of the amazing world that we live in in the form of book reviews, notes and articles. I believe the openness will help me improve personally and professionally. Buckle up!
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Enrique Kessler Martínez



First conference 🎙
I gave my first conference with two other FAANG interns about the preparation for technical and behavioural interviews. 8 people attended! You can find the slides here.


Hired as an SDE Intern at Amazon
After a long selection process, I was extremely proud of being selected.
Covid hit in Spain for the first time
Around March we had the first Covid cases in Spain, and stayed home for a month and a half.

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