100 Days Of Gatsby

ByEnrique Kessler Martínez|
April 25, 2021
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Starting the journey! Considering previous experience learning Python following a similar strategy, I find that the 100DaysOf* is the best way to get proficient with any new technology interesting enough!

The 100DaysOfGatsby plan that I'm following was created by the Gatsby team, you can find it here: https://www.gatsbyjs.com/blog/tags/100-days-of-gatsby/


The 100DaysofGatsby has been an amazing experience all-round, and I couldn't be happier to be able to say that I have learned a ton: React, Gatsby's way of making the JAMStack work, org-mode flavored posts, some writing skills (I feel like I'm getting better at writing in English).

On the other side, it feels that continuing for other 50 days to finish the 100 isn't the best way to put my time to work. The big project that I had in mind when starting this 100DaysOfGatsby has already been completed (https://enriquekesslerm.com) and I couldn't be prouder.

I highly encourage everyone that is interested in the web ecosystem to learn a JAMStack framework and Gatsby is a great choice (Next.js is another good one). Feel free to hit me up if any doubts arise from my process and challenge!

Day 1: 2021/03/07

The first day I created the repository and added the first project, starting to dabble with routing, using the Gatsby File System API and graphql. I find that the graphql that was changed by Gatsby is a really interesting concept, with the ability to pass filters to the queries.

Day 2: 2021/03/08

The second day! I started trying to understand pages in Gatsby. Considering that it is the first time that I have touched React, Typescript and Graphql, I have a lot of learning to do.

I understood the amazing way to pass variables to html code, all inside our javascript or typescript files! I also added the Gatsby building blocks note.

Day 3: 2021/03/09

On the third day, I started getting interested on Styling on Gatsby, considering that it was recommended to me to start thinking about theming and CSS-in-JS frameworks, namely Chakra-ui, Theme-ui and Tailwind CSS. I wrote a note on the topic, drawing from the information that I found on the how-to/styling page in the Gatsby documentation.

I also tried implementing a simple navigation between locations with the file system api, but I didn't seem to understand it correctly. More work to do.

Day 4: 2021/03/10

On the fourth day, I started working on getting content in the site, starting with the Contentful CMS, which was recommended by the Gatsby team for the simplicity and ease of mastering the concepts.

I also added the location pages, but it doesn't really work because I still don't understand how to pass the variables to the queries.

Day 5: 2021/03/11

I though that it was a good idea to check the filesystem-api to make sure that I was understanding the queries, just to see if I was doing stuff wrong with the Contentful API. Surprise, I was. the filesystem-api made working with the src/ directory a breeze. I added the Gatsby data note.

I tried to set up the locations pages again, with no success.

Day 6: 2021/03/12

On day 6, I tried getting some information on fixing the Contenful API, it seems that I would never get this working. I looked at StaticQueries in the Gatsby docs. Still didn't work.

I added the location page, getting the correct information into a list.

Day 7: 2021/03/13

On day 7, I added Emacs development configuration in order to get a working react, gatsby and typescript workflow going!

I also added the Static Queries note, drawing on the information I had been collecting the day before.

Day 8: 2021/03/14

I added the Gatsby file system api note, trying to understand the process that Gatsby uses for getting the data to create the pages. The information turned out to be amazing, it is the first time that I see technology making use of queries from the file name.

On the same day, I used some of that information to get information out of the filesystem-api, getting more pages working. I also found that there was no gatsbyPath property on graphiql for the ContentfulLocation object, which is key to linking to the pages created by the Gatsby file system api.

Day 9: 2021/03/15

I added a working proof of concept project, using what I had learned about the filesystem api to finally get the location pages working, feels amazing! I found that maybe it was a problem with the Contentful starter page, creating a new project worked wonders.

Day 10: 2021/03/17

As I finished the first task that was assigned by the Gatsby team on the 100DaysOfGatsby blog post, I turned to the second challenge, which started me out on CSS frameworks, namely Chakra-ui.

I found that the documentation for installing Chakra-ui is flawed, as there are a ton of dependency issues and the directions are a bit confusing.

Day 11: 2021/03/18

I worked a bit more on the emacs configuration, I wasn't really happy with js2-mode, and turned to lsp-mode, which is the package that I really use for all my programming needs inside of emacs. Here are interesting links:

I also tried to get Chakra-ui working, but there was no way to get Gatsby 3.* and Chakra together. I found that some issues were created on the Chakra-ui repo, pushing for a change of versions or at least supporting both.

Day 12: 2021/03/19

On day 12, I added the Style Guide, Design Systems and Component Libraries note, which is super interesting for understanding the world of styling and website making.

I also added my web project, which is really the project I will be mostly working on, on this 100Daysofgatsby. I tried working with a custom navbar, didn't really find it interesting. I need to learn more about Shadowing in Gatsby.

Day 13: 2021/03/20

I worked a bit more on the layout, running into a ton of errors, namely because Chakra-ui kept giving me war for the dependencies.

I changed the starter project to the amazing Xiaoxing's orgajs starter, which is a package that gets the content for the site from org-mode files. I configured the options for the starter, getting some changes on the site always feels good.

Day 14: 2021/03/21

On day 14, I tried to switch from npm to yarn, as I found that yarn was much quicker and lighter, considering that I have to create a node_modules folder every time I change machines. Didn't really work, I was running into dependency issues and couldn't find helpful information on the documentation.

I restarted the project once more, considering that I had messed up the installation files from all the changes to yarn. I updated some of the work from previous days and started working on the header of the blog, trying to change the theme of it.

I also changed the themeSwitcher's place, making it look a lot better in my opinion. Couldn't get sticky position working on the navbar using Theme-ui, need to inform myself better.

Day 15: 2021/03/22

This was more of a relaxed day, I tried to understand the logic behind the orgajs, which are the configuration files that I need to pass to headers and files in order to make it work. More information was found regarding:

  • Org-mode tags, which translates into tags to the blog posts, really cool.
  • Categories.
  • Closed dates: Orgajs could use the closed date on our published posts, man

I love org-mode.

Day 16: 2021/03/23

I started trying to change the theme-ui colors for the header links, without success again, will have to add custom css-in-js to the Link tags it seems.

The 16th day was amazing. I got to attend to a Gatsby cloud performance webinar, and added a note on the notes that I had been taking on the webinar: performance webinar notes.

Day 17: 2021/03/24

I moved the enriquekesslerm.com repo from the 100DaysOfGatsby to its own repo, with the intention of using the repository to create my future web page, which will contain information about me and some of my writing, getting excited! :smile:

I had a ton of problems with the moving process, it seems that I need to adapt to having starter pages using a lower version of dependencies with:

npm install --force-dependencies

After successfully moving the project, before running out of time, I started dabbling into the creation of my /about page. I need to create a content plan before jumping to code.

Day 18: 2021/03/25

I continued working on the /about page. In order to follow good about page design guidelines, I created the about pages note. I started dabbling on the use of Images in gatsby, which is a spiky topic. Gatsby knows that most of the performance issues in modern web apps come from images, and has created a image plugin to take care of that, really cool.

I created a project-show component in order to showcase some of the projects on the about page, half acting as a cv.

Day 19: 2021/03/26

As I keep on moving with the /about page, I decided on the initial design that I linked on previous days.

I started working on the gradient part of the text. Sparked by the initial idea, I found two interesting links:

transition inspiration, the idea drawing on react hooks and css variables is great. I adapted his work to act as a moving background for my text.

about how to style theme-ui components using css tags.

With working information, I adapted Josh's work to get a working animated gradient text component, which I used to style my name on the /about page.

Moving gradient name!

Day 20: 2021/03/27

Already on the 20th day! I'm loving the journey and it feels like I'm getting more comfortable working with npm, typeScript and Gatsby overall. The project tree no longer feels scary.

I continued working on the /about page, starting to create the components filling some of the sections. I did some more work on the project-show component, but I ran into some problems trying to use the theme-ui main color theme for "styling" the svg. Some of the links that I found useful:

Day 21: 2021/03/28

I continued with the structure of the /about page, with problems. I find that some of the posts that are supposed to be format friendly are faulty, I might need to restart the project again.

Some of the problems seem to be coming from the fact that most of the dependencies are legacy-deps, which are not secured. I continued with the inclusions of some of the projects that I have been working on and tried the optimization of svgs, without success.

Styling seems hard with the theme-ui configuration, without having our own. I need to figure out a way to extend the orga-theme-ui-preset with my styles, or use a min.css file.

Day 22: 2021/03/30

Today I kept working trying to understand the theming that is done with the default orga-theme-ui-preset. I can't seem to understand the shadowing of the theme. From the base Theme-ui documentation I see that the following example should work:

import orga from 'orga-theme-ui-preset/lib/index'

export default {
  links: {
    project: {
      color: 'text',
      textDecoration: 'none',
      transition: '0.3s',
      '&:hover': {
        color: 'secondary',

This code under gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/index.js should provide the 'project' variant for Links, but the styling doesn't seem to be applied. Need to do some more digging. Today was fun.

Day 23: 2021/03/31

I continued trying to tweak the custom theme in the starter, but I still don't seem to understand the way the creator intended for us to tweak his own theme.

I have tried the definition of variants for some of the components that I wan't to create, without success. I have also tried to extend his theme by using the ...orga in the index file, no luck. I reached to @xiaoxinghu to clear up the fog a bit.

Day 24: 2021/04/01

I'm ready to give up, it feels like there is no progress... APRIL FOOLS!

I have finally got a hang of how theme-ui styles its components. Even though I couldn't use variants as I would have liked, I was able to create components and style them individually, accessing the theme properties with the sx prop.

That said, I finished the projects section in the /about page. I also started working on the timeline component for the /about page and finally got a working style. I love the initial look, I need to fill in the info soon.

Day 25: 2021/04/02

I continued working with the about page, getting a working timeline elements, while keeping a consistent styling using theme-ui.

As I wanted to change the color of the NavLinks to the text color, I used the information that I learned from the fight with the project-show component in the /about page to change the styling using the sx prop, amazing!

Day 26: 2021/04/03

Today I got around making the flex component for the /about page. It really looks like it's starting to shape up to be a cool page. I'm satisfied by the result.

In order to abstract the code, I also created the src/constants folder to hold all the constants of the components. That way, in the about.js file I no longer need to hold the strings for the information.

Day 27: 2021/04/04

Today I continued with the /about page, adding the travel map section. The section uses react-leaflet which is the open-source map solution package for react. The entire process was seemless, I added most of the locations I have traveled to, and it is bringing amazing memories!

Travel map

Day 28: 2021/04/05

Today I finished some touches on the /about page, created the structure for the /projects page and added some of the information needed there.

I got the idea of slicing the projects list to add the two latest topic to the about page. In javaScript, we can use the slice function, close to slicing iterables in python3.

const latestProjects = projects.slice(0, 2)

With the idea I created a component that would use a prop to check whether I want to show all the topics or the list sliced. Pretty amazing. I also had extra time today and started to work on changing the index page. I modified the layout on the /about page configuring the FlexBox layout by theme-ui.

<Box sx={{ display: 'flex', flexWrap: 'wrap' }}>
         <Text pb={4} pr={4} sx={{ flexGrow: 1, flexBasis: 500 }}>{constants.aboutMeText}</Text>
         <StaticImage src="../../assets/images/fotoCV.png"
           alt="Enrique Kessler Martínez"
                      sx={{ flexGrow: 1, flexBasis: 0, minWidth: 200, maxWidth: 250, margin: 'auto' }}

Day 29: 2021/04/06

Today I didn't have much time to work on a big section of the blog. I changed the orga-blorg Index page to be at /blog, but the result is not what I expected, I will need to check the source code to make sure where the maintainer is using the queries for the index page, I couldn't find it easily.

I also added the test of a blog post: Emacs for writing. I have been searching inside the Emacs ecosystem for packages that would improve my writing, considering I intend to keep on going with blog post writing and more.

Day 30: 2021/04/07

I finally got around understanding how can I override the ='indexPath'= for the orga-blorg. The /blog page is turning great. I started looking at search inside of Gatsby and I found the interesting gatsby-plugin-elasticsearch, giving us also react components for accessing the different indexes.

It is self-hosted, so I need to balance the need to have it out in the world vs self-hosted, which is said to increase lots the bundle size.

Day 31: 2021/04/08

Today I finally finished implementing the searchBar for my /blog page. The whole experience was really rewarding, because the documentation is not great, and I had to do a lot of guesswork to get the information about the package right.

Some of the links that I found especially helpful are the following:

I finally settled on the latter, for its ease of implementation and its already good examples that can be tweaked.

Day 32: 2021/04/09

Today I finished the post-share component, I have the finished links for: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and mailto. I'm happy with the overall result.

I also added the Edit on Github link, to be able to fork and commit possible typos.

Day 33: 2021/04/10

I received a mail from the creator of orga.js, which is the engine that I'm using to get the content out of the org-mode content files to fill my posts. He had migrated to Gatsby v3, which was already a peer dependency of all the packages that I was using.

The migration was pretty much painless, but I seem to keep getting the error of changing the title on the posts when one is changed.

Day 34: 2021/04/11

Today I didn't really have much time to work with. I continued to change some of the configuration, in order to mitigate the title error, without success. I might need to change the project to use the new starter again.

I also added some images to the 100Daysofgatsby post.

Day 35: 2021/04/12

I finally fixed the title error, which was originally caused because the cache is built on the orgPosts on build, and when I try to change any of them the cache turns obsolete. The solution that I came up with is just to remove the cache as a prebuild and predevelop script. The possible changes that I did on the package.json file are the following:

"scripts": {
"build": "gatsby build",
"prebuild": "rm -rf .cache",
"predevelop": "rm -rf .cache",
"develop": "gatsby develop",
"format": "prettier --write \"**/*.{js,jsx,json,md}\"",
"start": "npm run develop",
"serve": "gatsby serve",
"test": "echo \"Write tests! -> https://gatsby.dev/unit-testing \""

Note that the scripts with pre as a prefix to the intended script name are run before the original script is called. The post prefix does the same for running the scripts after the original script.

I also changed the Projects component to allow for a timeline component if the timeline prop is passed. I find that checking the date on which the project was built is interesting for possible visitors.

Lastly, I modified the post-share file to remove the "Share with" text, I find that having the icons is already enough at the end of the post.

Day 36: 2021/04/13

Today I started working on the / page, adapting the /about page to hold less information, leaving the Latest Posts and Latest projects to the home page.

I also changed some of the siteMetadata, in order to access the socialLinks in the footer. I can't seem to be able to align the icons in the center of the footer, something weird.

Day 37: 2021/04/14

Heavily inspired by François Best, I continued working on my index page, which I seem to finally have struck a cord with. I am really proud of its actual state.

François has this amazing feature for the blog posts that he fathoms as Featured. He marks them with a little icon (with its position set to absolute), and the final result is clean and suttle.

I really liked the layout that he had on his Posts, and I changed my tags to be on a flex layout with the date. I also added the little icon on the corner, it is just too slick to pass on. Ended up with this:

I also changed the layout on the inside of the posts, to remove the bio and center and divide the post-share section. It is now cleaner in my opinion, and it is not too charged with information. I changed the footer too :smile:.

Day 38: 2021/04/15

Today I started working on adding Tags to the projects, I feel that the splash of colors is needed for the /projects page, while giving some important information to possible visitors. Pretty happy with the result, here is the light and dark-mode version.

I also checked the build using yarn build without success. The build doesn't work correctly, some of the information is display badly, specially at the footer.

Day 39: 2021/04/16

This morning I finally fixed all errors relating the build. For some reason, adding a li when it wasn't needed gave the error. Even surrounding it with ul didn't improve the situation. If removed all together the error is fixed and the website can fully build and serve.

Just to test it out, I deployed an initial version (without lots of information) to Gatsby Cloud. The process was painless, setting up the repo and forgetting.

I also set up an RSS feed for my posts (using gatsby-plugin-feed), configuring the serialize function to work with OrgPosts, my object type. Pretty cool package, does a lot of work for you.

  resolve: `gatsby-plugin-feed`,
  options: {
    query: `
        site {
          siteMetadata {
            site_url: siteUrl
    feeds: [
        serialize: ({ query: { site, allOrgPost } }) => {
          return allOrgPost.nodes.map(post => {
            return Object.assign({}, post, {
              title: post.title,
              date: post.date,
              url: site.siteMetadata.siteUrl + post.slug,
              guid: site.siteMetadata.siteUrl + post.slug,
              custom_elements: [{ "content:encoded": post.html }],
        query: `
            allOrgPost(sort: {fields: date, order: DESC}) {
               nodes {
                  date(formatString: "MMMM DD, YYYY")
        output: "/rss.xml",
        title: "Enrique Kessler Martínez's posts",

Day 40: 2021/04/17

Today was one of those Refactoring days. I find that having some days for refactoring some of the code improves the codebase of a projects lots.

I removed the projects constants from the /projects page and moved the information to its own jsx file in the /constants folder. I also updated the timeline to work differently when used with projects or in the /about page. For the /about page, I added cool checkboxes and a headline on the events.

I also finished the /404 page, adding some information from wikipedia and guiding users to the / page. I might need to upgrade it some time in the future, it should be at least a bit funny :smile:.

Day 41: 2021/04/18

Following the refactoring on the day before, I continued updating and refactoring the timeline component. Instead of using conditional rendering when an if-else situation pops in, just return on if and on else.

I also added my first Book review blog post: Range by David Epstein. I might need to hide most of the mosts when starting with the page, and uploading them sequentially.

Day 42: 2021/04/20

In order to provide an Archive page holding the list of posts per year, I created the Archive component, which uses an interesting query:

export const query = graphql`
query ArchiveQuery {
allOrgPost(sort: {fields: date, order: DESC}) {
nodes {
date(formatString: "YYYY")

In this query, I get the years in the date field for each post, ordering them in descending order. In the getPostsByYear function I then process the different years and posts creating a new object.

function getPostsByYear(nodes) {
    var postsByYear = {}
    for (var post of nodes) {
       if (!(post.date in postsByYear)) {
           postsByYear[post.date] = []
    return postsByYear
  i.e {2021: [...], 2020: [...]}

Using the Object.entries function, I'm able to access each of the key-value pairs for the year-posts.

      .map(([year, posts]) => (

Day 43: 2021/04/21

Today I continued working on the archive page, getting its final touches. Not flashy at all, but it never was the plan. The idea was to have a simple list of posts for visitors to go through easily.

I also learned from the React state docs, and wrote a note about it. I got around buying the domain, and deploying the website using Gatsby Cloud. As I said in previous days, the deployment process couldn't be easier and the build time was 1:47 minutes, AMAZING!

Day 44: 2021/04/23

Today as a chill day in the 100DaysofGatsby I watched some of the talks in the Gatsby Conf 2021. Pretty good stuff, I would recommend watching it to anyone interested in the web and Jamstack.

I will finish and publish the notes about the conference in the later days. I'm starting to wonder what to do in the 100Days, I might stop and continue working with Flutter, 44 days is already pretty good, considering the main project for it has already been completed.